Medfield Tutoring promotes proactive learning.

All students are encouraged to achieve their academic goals by becoming independent thinkers.

Students will learn:

1. How to understand, and retain information

2. How to study effectively and efficiently for tests, quizzes, and exams

3. How to find enthusiasm in learning difficult content

4. How to reach academic goals

5. How to ask and find help when needed



Heather’s ultimate goal is to get her students to a point where they can efficiently learn on their own and take initiative to ask a teacher, parent, or tutor for help when they do not understand something. Proactive learners are successful learners because they seek help before their grades start to suffer.

Currently Serving:

Medfield   Walpole   Norwood   Dover    Sherborn    Westwood    Millis   Medway   Holliston


M-Th | 2:00-9pm

Sun | 6pm – 9pm

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Are you preparing your student for success?

Who do you think has the best grades in school? The brightest and hardest working students? Or is it the students who know how to study and what to focus on? How do you respond when your student tells you… “I studied.” Then, a week later when the test comes back…they...