At the beginning of Junior year, we were so concerned with our sons future. His grades were poor and he really did not care about school. Yesterday, our son got an acceptance letter from Northeastern, his top school. We believe wholeheartedly that if Heather had not taught our son how to prepare ahead of time for tests and how to get focused he would have never gotten in. Thank you Heather! 

Joshua, Walpole High School Parent

“I began using Heather as a tutor during my junior year of high school for both math and chemistry. After each one of our sessions, I felt much more confident with the material and my test grades definitely improved. Heather is a great teacher and she’s really good about showing plenty of examples to help students understand concepts more fully!”
Lia, Medfield High School Chemistry & Algebra Student

“Heather really helped me get organized in middle school so I could achieve success and confidence in math. Just an hour a week of reviewing my math facts and certain rules that applied helped me reach the goals I wanted to reach by the end of the school year. I had been awarded a certificate by my math teacher for being the most improved math student in my class! I owe much of this to Heather, who gave me the skills to make me realize I could do it as long as I just practiced and worked at it!” 

Emma, Medfield Middle School Math Student

Our son has ADD and even through he had a learning counselor at school, he was still having trouble completing assignments and remembering information during tests. When we started working with Heather everything changed. Heather focused our son on the material he needed to know. She taught him how to get organized and how to start studying a week before the test. His grades have turned around and he is a much happier student. Thank you Heather!

Mother, Medfield High School

“We have found Heather to be very patient and able to explain things very well. She really knows her subject material and is not only pleasant to work with, but friendly as well.  We expect to see a big difference in my son’s grades this year. She is highly recommendable as a tutor.”
Anne and Bob, Sharon High School Parents

“Working with Heather has been an amazing experience. She’s helped me improve my grades through teaching me study habits and reviewing my class material with me. This year will be my third year being tutored by Heather and there is nobody else that I would rather work with.”
Elise, Medfield High School Math and Physics Student

“Heather tutored our daughter when she was in 6th grade. It was a tremendous help having Heather tutor our daughter once a week. Our daughter immediately responded to Heather’s teaching techniques and we plan to use her again in the future with our 5th grade daughter.” 
Kim and Scott, Medfield Middle School Parents

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